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write 的现在分词


CARS IN THE CITY Nowadays, there are more and more cars in big cities such as the one we live in. There are positive as well as negative aspects to this issue. First of all, the increase number of cars shows the improvement of the quality of life.

writing in my diary 这个是现在分词引导的主语从句used是谓语,所以句子不缺动词谓语如果是用write,那么动词在这里做什么呢?是不是多余了呢从句是需要由现在分词或者过去分词引导的,如果是动词本身,一般是在句子中充当谓语成分的

writing英 [rat] 美 [rat] n. 文字;写作;文章;笔迹 v. 写( write的现在分词);写信 写作; 书写; 写信; 撰写 名词 n.1.(书)写, 写作 Writing is his life.写作是他的生计.2.著作, 作品 His writings include poetry and prose.他的作品包括诗和散文.3.笔迹,书法,(书写或印刷的)文字

writing [英][rat][美][rat] n.文字;写作;文章;笔迹 v.写( write的现在分词);写信 双语例句1.Please confirm your acceptance of this offer in writing.请书面确认你接受这项提议.2.an allusive style of writing 引经据典的写作风格3.

editor of 21st century, hello,i'm writing to tell you something about eye-protection. as we know,an increasing number of students' eyesight are getting worse and worse.they take glasses so as to see thing around clearly. but how would this

writing 英[rat] 美[rat] n. 文字;写作;文章;笔迹 v. 写( write的现在分词);写信 [例句]i was writing code again , not running convoys. 我又开始写代码,而不是运营护送队.

Mr Wang We tried to look for you but you are not at home.So here is something we should tell you. We are going to hiking by bike.We need take (东西自己想把,什么雨伞了,午餐了,药品指南针之类的) with us.We will get to school on Jul 4 morning to set of together.That's All. 落款 日期

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