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what's your namewhat's itwhat are you doingWhat a terrible noisewhat a dayWhat time is itWhat color is your dressWhat did you sayWhat day is it todayWhat experience has she hadwho is hewho has a lot of moneywho are youThe girl who spoke is

What:1.She is not what she was a few years ago.她已经不是几年前的她了.2.What,do 10.Whee is the hotel?Why:1.Why do you leave me?2.Why not let her do as she likes?

when did you go ?what's this in english.who's car in the house where is my watch.how much this orange.why did you do that

1. How long do you watch TV every day? 你每天看多长时间电视? 2. How long have you been married? 你们结婚多久了? 3. Why did you go there? 你为什么去那儿? because I went there on business. 我出差到那儿. 4.How long have you had

-why do you go to the store? 你为什么去商店?-because i want do buy some salt? 因为我想买些盐.-why is she so sad? 为什么她这么伤心?-because she lost her cat. 因为她的猫咪不见了.-why do they keep running? 他们为什么一直奔跑?-because they want to win the race. 因为他们想赢得比赛.

when will you come back?I don't know what it is.that is why I don't like to eat that.can you tell me how to make this?when do you need these sentences ?what is your purpose?how deep the lake is ?why do you ask this question ?how nice you are to

1. Why are you late? 你为什么迟到了2. Why should we learn English? 我们为什么要学英语?3. why did you get up early this morning? 你为什么今天早晨起床早?4. Why did you go to school on foot this morning? 你今天早晨为什么走着去上学?5. Why don't you get up early? 你为什么不早起呢?

Why you can get grade A in English?Why you learn English?Why you don't eat fruit?Why you don't study hard?Why you feel sorry?Why you do this well?Why you don't do your homework by yourself? Why you don't take an unbralla?还有很多 我想不出来了 望采纳 谢谢Y(^_^)Y

whose 1.the man whose right eye is blind is mr. green. 右眼瞎的那人是格林先生. 2 i envy mike, whose car is fancy. 真羡慕麦克,他的车子真漂亮. 3 our hearts went out to the old woman whose son had died. 我们对那位老年丧子的母亲深表同

Don't do thisDon't do thatDon't do anythingDon't do you homeworkDon't do you classworkDon't laughDon't eatDon't cryDon't sleepDon't listen

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