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where are you from?

1.Where are you from?I'm from China.2.Where is your bag?It's on the table over there.3.Where does your father work?He works in a company.4.Where are you going?I'm going to the park.5.Where did you find this book?I found it under the desk.6.

Where did you meet him?你在哪里见过他?At a small village.在一个小乡村.Where's Anna?安娜在哪里?At a small village.在一个小乡村.Where are we going?我们要去哪里? We're going to Shanghai.我们将要去上海.

where is your pen?可以把最后一个单词换成其他名称1.where is your mother?2.where is your father?3.where is your brother?4.where is your sister?5 where is your uncle?6.where are your parents?7.where are your classmates?8.where are your keys

where are the kids?they are on the playground.

Where are we going?Shanghai. We are going to Shanghai.We are going to a remote place.

1.Where are you from?I'm from China.2.Where do you usually go after school?I usually go home.3.Where do you go last weekend?I went to the park with friends.4.Where do you live?I live in shanghai.5.Where is shanghai?Shanghai is in China.6.

Where are you ?(你在哪里?)I 'm in Bei Jing(我在北京)Do you have a basball?(你有一个网球吗?) Yes , I do.(是的,我有.)

when did you get up yesterday?i got up at six o'clock in the morning.what did you do last weekend?i visited my grandmother.did you do your homework?yes,i did.where did you go last monday?i went to the children's palace.

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