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1.what are you doing? i'm doing sth. 2.what's the matter with you?oh,i have sth. i'm sorry to hear that. 3.what's this? it's a或an sth. 4.what's this in english? it's a sth. 5.what's wrong with you?oh,my bike was broken.

What's your name?My name is XXX

What is your name?你叫什么?What are you doing?你在干嘛?What's wrong with you?怎么了?What's up?怎么了?What's the matter?怎么了?What day is it today?今天几号?What is your favorite book?你最喜欢的书?"what"与所修饰


what is this?这是什么?what is this meaning?这是什么意思?what is the matter with you?你怎么了?

What's the time?=What time is it? 几点钟了 What does your father do? 你爸爸做什么工作的 What did you do yesterday? 你昨天做了什么?What color is the dress? 这条裙子什么颜色?What day is it today? 今天是星期几?What's the date

What's this?What's that?一样东西一个回答

直接回答人名就可以了. adam did 也可以. 你要根据提问中的动词来决定回答中要用什么动词. 例句: who speaks english? 如果是像这个句子中的动词speak,为了不重复你可以回答i do 或是he\she does, 但如果是who can speak english?你就可以回答i can或者he\she can 另外希望下面的对你有帮助 以who开头的疑问句, 否定回答通常用nobody, no one: --who was late today? 今天谁迟到了? --no one. 没有人迟到. --who has read the book? 谁读过这本书? --nobody. 没有人.

What do you like to eat? Yes,I like to eat fish; No, I do not like any food

what is your favorite subject? 你喜欢什麽学科? what color is it? 他是什麽颜色? what is this? 这是什麽? what does she look like? 她长的怎麽阳? what is she like?她性格怎麽样? what do you think of soap opera?你认为肥皂剧怎麽样?

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