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We were at home yesterday afternoon.Where were you last night?We were doing homework while you were playing games.

they were very good friends.他们是非常号的朋友 he was failed.他失败了

The bikes were sold (这些自行车被卖了) 你的采纳我的动力 希望我能继续帮助你

There were some books in my schoolbag.There were glasses on the dask.There were some flowers in my garden.There were photoes in the books.There were friends in my house.

1.i spend two hours in doing my homework. 2.i spend a day in shopping with my friends. 望采纳

造句如下:1、 How were they going to raise enough money for it?翻译:他们要怎么筹到足够的钱?2、How were we to escape this awful predicament?翻译:我们如何逃脱这一可怕的困境?3、How were we to know that he was a numbskull?

was coming是过去进行时,就是is coming的过去式,表示他是在6月份来的.因为6月已经过了,所以用过去式,而为了表现就是在6月这个点,所以要进行时,这就要用过去进行时.

There were some big trees ten years ago.

l am a student.he is a student.we are studentsi was student last yearthey were students last year.

am a student.They are my classmates.Our new classrooms were built last year.He was still doing his homework at noon.It is a book

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