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你好!简单的 I watch TV every day.我每天都看电视..呵呵!希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

what do they do every night

I'll probably stay home and watch TV tonight. I like to watch TV programs which are about sports. You can stay at home and watch TV. You can watch TV as long as you have finished your homework. At last mother relented and allowed the children

I usually watch television on Sunday nights.

用 watchTV造句Tom usually watches TV at seven in the evening.汤姆通常都是晚上七点看电视.勤学好问,天天进步!加油!你是最棒的!

I'm watching TV now.I watched TV last night.I was watching TV at 21:00 last night.I will watch TV tomorrow.

现在进行:I am watching TV now 现在完成:I have watched the programe .一般现在:I always watches TV after finishing my homework.一般过去:I watched TV last night.一般将来:I will watch TV this afternoon.过去将来:I would watch the programe in CCTV 过去进行:I was watching TV last night when my mother come back 过去完成老师还没教,希望上面的能帮到你

They hardly watch TV,do they?他们几乎不看电视,是吗?I sometimes watch TV at night.我有时候在晚上看电视.Can she watch TV after school?她放学后可以看电视吗?How about we watch TV together?我们一起看电视,

I watch TVI watched TV I am watching TvI was watching TV I will watch Tv I have watched TV I have been watching TV

例如:I am watching TV. They are watching TV now. She is watching TV. 等等.

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