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visit my friends 拜访我的朋友

I went to my friend's home for a party last week. My friend's parents prepared lots of good food and everybody was happy except for my American friend, Mary. She looked scared at the shrimps with heads and she was shocked when she saw the

This afternoon I went to see my friend Liu Ying. She has been ill for three days and this morning she felt even worse, so her father took her to the hospital. The doctor examined her carefully and sai

i was so exciting today,if you ask me why?because went to visit my best friend today. we havent met each other for a long time,but in our hearts,we are best friend forever.i bought a book for her/him,which i think can represent our friendship. when i

My good friend is Mei.She's a girl.She is my classmate.Mei is tall and thin.She has two big eyes and long hair.She likes listening to music and reading books.Sometimes we listen to music together.She likes summer.Because she can swim in the

my friend wu min is a close friend of mine. he is 17 years old. he has always been working hard at his studies. as a top student, he is excellent in almost all the subjects, especially in computer science. he once won a prize in a city-wide programming




my friend i have a good friend. his name is mike. he was born in a small town near london. he is taller than me, and he is stronger than my another friend john. he came to china with his parents two years ago. his parents are teaching english in

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