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She's always late for everything.她总是每件事都迟到.Always lock your garage.每次都要锁好你的车库.We will always remember his generous hospitality.我们将永远记住他的慷慨好客.He has always been the family solicitor.他一直是这个家的律

I always go to school by bus

She is always late.

I will always love you! 我永远爱你

I will always be here.我会一直在这里.Mum always helps me out when I am in trouble.当我有麻烦的时候我的妈妈总是帮我摆脱困难.

I always do my homework at six o'clock我总是在六点钟做家庭作业.

she always goes to school by bus he always get up at 7 o'clock my friend always watches TV my father always reads newspaper my mother always goes shopping

I always go to school on foot./by bus.He always gets to office before me.他总是在我之前到达办公室.I always drink coffee with some milk .我总是喝加一点牛奶的咖啡.

always 是“总是”的意思 I always sleep early .

he always read engish aloud in the morning. he usually sits there reading a book. sometimes he goes to school on foot. he never gives up.

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