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run awayTo flee; escape.跑开;逃走To leave one's home, especially to elope.离家出走,尤指私奔To stampede.(马等)惊跑

run away run away run away逃吧,逃吧,逃吧i'm happy in fact其实我很快乐but i don't want to get back我不想回头just let me tell you run away run away run away只想跟你说 逃吧,逃吧,逃吧this is my free这是我想要的oh this is my free 这是我要的自由

runaway boomkatlately i've been affraidsome things going right inside of my brainand it's getting hard to explainbut i see everythingi've been fighting all of my lifealways seem to put my heart on the lineand it's a lonely road i climbwhen i see

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to run away.逃跑,逃走to run away; abscond.逃跑;逃亡to run away; flee.逃走逃走;滑脚溜走run away with偷走,大量消耗run away secretly with one's beloved.和心爱的人秘密逃走.to depart in haste; run away.急忙离开;跑走he abandoned his

runaway - linkin park - hybrid theory linkin park - runaway graffiti decorations underneath a sky of dust 布满灰土的天空下是涂鸦的装饰 a constant wave of tension on top of broken trust 在破碎的信任之上有一种不断的紧张的波动 the lessons that

On the street where you live girls talk about their social lives. 在你住的那条街上,女孩们谈论她们的社交生活 They're made of lipstick, plastic and paint, a touch of sable in their eyes. 那是由唇膏、脂粉以及一抹眼影构成 ALL YOUR LIFE All your life


Linkin Park - Runaway Graffiti decorations Underneath a sky of dust 胡乱地往墙上涂抹 沙尘扬起遮云蔽日 A constant wave of tension On top of broken trust 不断涌来的紧张感伴随着信任的破碎 The lessons that you taught me I learn were never

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