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都是固定词组,投入使用,区别在于put into use “开始使用”和 come into use “开始被使用” 例: 他们开始使用这个方法。 they put this method into use。 this method comes into use。 this method is put into use。 那辆新车将于下月开始使...

put into use 英[put ˈɪntuː ju:z] 美[pʊt ˈɪntu juz] vi.be put into use (把…交付使用) [例句]But once it was put into use , the global shipping industry would never be the same. 而其一旦投入使用,全...

Sb put sth to good use 是主动语态,如果把 sth 用作主语,那么就要用被动语态,即 sth + be + put to good use(这里的 be 已是过去分词)。所以第1句应是:You can be sure that the money you gave them will be put to good use. 第2句应该...


是被动语态。谓语部分是will be put into use。介词短语into use = in use,是固定表达法,表示投入使用状态。

1 B. how what you've learned 2 C. how what 两题基本句型都一样,是 ... how (something) be done. This book will show you how (what you've learned from books) is put into practical use. Mr.Green will show you how (what you have ob...

we are expected to use the knowledge we learn at school and put it into practice 我们被期望将学校里学到的知识运用到实践中去。 精 锐 长宁天山英语组


B 省略了should be


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