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1、promise to do 承诺做某事2、promise to pay 付款承诺3、solemn promise 庄严承诺4、promise well 很有希望5、show great promise 大有前途6、break a promise 违反诺言7、keep a promise 遵守诺言8、promise oneself 指望9、keep

你好,promise 的用法小节 promise n. 1. 承诺,诺言[C][(+of)][+(that)][+to-v] Give me your promise that you'll never be late again. 答应我你绝不再迟到了. 2. 希望,前途[U][S] The young man shows promise as a poet. 这位青年有成为诗人的希望.

经典的 promise don't come easy

promise oneself: 指望,指望获得;指望;决定,期待;指望,指望获得 -PROMISE ME: 与我约定;答应我;有求必应 -Service Promise: 服务承诺 -mere promise: 轻率承诺 -Promise Keeper: 守约者;守约者;守约者运动;守信者 -Lesotho Promise: 莱索托诺言;莱索托承诺 -promise yourself: 承诺自己 -Consumer Promise: 消费者承诺 -promise land: 应许

promise的短语: 1、promise to do 承诺做某事 2、promise to pay 付款承诺 3、solemn promise 庄严承诺;誓言 4、promise well 前景很好;很有希望 5、show great promise 大有前途,大有希望 6、break a promise 违反诺言 7、keep a

promise vt., vi.-mised, -mising (常与to, that连用)允诺;承诺 He has promised to behave better henceforth.他答应从今以后要表现得好些.She promised her brother that she would write to him.她答应弟弟将给他写信."It is not so simple, I

你好!promise可以为动词意思为承诺I promise to keep our city clean.(我承诺保持我们城市的干净);也可以为名词,意思为诺言my promise(我的诺言) 词组是:promise to do sth.(something的缩写) promise not to do sth.注意别漏了加to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

一生的承诺:lifetime promises永远爱你:love you forever

decide,want,ask, tell, hope, learn, try,forget, remember, like ,love, stop, go, come,现在能想起来的只有这些了

承诺某人做某事是promise to do,承诺某人某事是promise sth to sb 或promise sb sth,“she promises others her help”不能说“she promises to help others”(这句话的意思是说她许诺帮助别人).我估计楼主的意思大概是想说这个:She promises her help to others.

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