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be responsible for 通常是指“对某事负责任”而be responsible to 通常是“对某人负责”.如果是responsible的名词形式“responsibility",则后面用for sb./ sth.均可!这样可以了吗?

歌曲:stay away 歌手:paramore your lies are bleeding through your teeth,and your eyes the only ones filling me,your promises never really meant a thing,but they flowed from your lips so easily stay stay stay stay stay away from me stay stay stay

负责 answer for preside over see to take charge with responsibility for

《B What U Wanna B 》 歌词: Doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer Why not president, be a dreamer You can be just the one you wanna be Police man, fire fighter or a post man Why not something like your old man You can be just the one you wanna

destiny英[destni]美[dstni]n.命运; 天命,天数; 命运的三女神; 主宰事物的力量网络命运线; 命运; 宿命1She had always been mistress of her own destiny.她总是能够掌握自己的命运.2They are now dealing with citizens who,


DESTINY意为机动战士中“命运”之意 在“机动战士DESTINY选定的未来”之中出现过 DESTINY同时又是真飞鸟的专署机体,性能极优!

get over克服;中恢复过来;复原;完成 run over把…很快地过一遍;在…上驶过;过去;浏览 preside over主持;担任主席;主管;管理 do over重做;粉刷;重新装饰房子;一年之初 make over把转让;改造;转让;重做 lay over涂;压倒;使

负责 : [ fù zé ] 1. in charge of 2. to be responsible for (sth) 其它相关解释: <with responsibility for> <preside over> <answer for> <preside at> <imputation> <respond> <see to (it that)> <in the charge of (sb's charge)> <to take care of> <preside>

lead 英[li:d]美[lid]vt. 领导;引导;指挥vi. 领导;导致;用水砣测深n. 铅;领导;榜样;枪弹[例句]But that attitude can lead apparently successful businesses astray.但是这种态度会导致明显成功的企业走上歧途.

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