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The people are great.人民是伟大的.

The friendship between the peoples of two countries last forever.peoples用复数是人民的意思这句话意思是 两国人民的友谊长久.

1. who are you indeed?2. who are those students coming inside?3. i know some people who are studying chemistry themselves after school.4. do you know how to encourage people who are not confident about themselves?5. those who are

你好!people shouldn't judge a man by the color of the skin ,but by the content of his charater希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

. 首先 We can't go. To begin with, it's too cold.我们不能去.首先,天太冷了..when 当什么时 可表瞬间 事情可同时 或者先后发生 例子 it was snowing when we got to the airport 我们到机场时 天在下雪(先后顺序) while 用于相伴发生的 同时进行

Who're you? Who're those guyes? Who're they? Who're the people standing there? Who're the two men sitting on the chair? Who're going to the park with me? Who're going to the cinema? Who're going to the university? Who're单长厕短丿的搽痊敞花 going to buy shoes? Who're there?

Lots of people plays umbrella for the it rains all of a sudden.许多人打着伞为了这场突如其来的大雨.

a bit of 有一点:there is a bit of a scholar.这里有一点墨水a few of 有些:a few of them know it.他们当中有少数人知道那件事.a kind of 一种:this is a kind of oil.这是一种油a little of:know a little of everything.什么都懂一点a lot of: she plays a lot of

China consists of 56 ethnic groups.

1 He's not very friendly to newcomers.他对新来的人不太友善.2 The people there are very friendly to us.那儿的人们对我们很友好.3 I have some good friends,.They are friendly to me.我有一些好朋友.他们对我

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