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opportunity to Do

你好 opportunity to do 翻译是 机会做..事情的机会 希望能帮到你~


有this is a opportunity for sb. to do sth.没有opportunity for doing

就是to volunteer,不是volunteering

没有have an opportunity doing 只有:have an opportunity to do sth have an opportunity of doing sth. have an opportunity for (doing) sth.


opportunity of doing sth.opportunity for (doing) sth.都是做某事的机会 没有区别给几个例句:this gave him an opportunity of collecting his thoughts.这给了他一个机会镇定下来.austin viewed mistakes simply as an opportunity for learning.奥斯汀把任何错误都看作是学习的机会this presents both a challenge and an opportunity for us.这是我们要面对的一场考验,但同时也是一个我们可以掌握的机会.

你好!have a chance to do sth=have an opportunity to do sth 有机会做某事仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

你是说have difficulty doing sth吗?doing前的介词in被省略了,所以是doing,其他一般是to do.

只有have an opportunity of doing 做某事的机会eg: This gave him an opportunity of collecting his thoughts. 这给了他一个机会镇定下来.have an opportunity to do 有机会做某事If you owe someone an apology or have an opportunity to soothe things over, then do it.如果你欠某人一个抱歉或是有机会让事情好转,那么就去做.希望对你有帮助哦~

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