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act up to one's opinions 按自已的意见行事 air one's opinions 公开发表意见 air one's views 公开发表意见 forfeit the good opinion of 失掉的好评, 丧失的好感 form an ill opinion of 对有不好的评价 have an ill opinion of 对有不好的评价 halt

opinion poll 选举投票,民意测验public opinion 公众舆论opinion survey 民意调查dissenting opinion 反对意见pass an opinion vt. 下结论a matter of opinion 看法不同的问题status opinion 现况报告opinion rating 评价等级opinion l

opinion poll 选举投票,民意测验public opinion 公众舆论 opinion survey 民意调查dissenting opinion 反对意见 pass an opinion vt. 下结论a matter of opinion 看法不同的问题 status opinion 现况报告opinion rating 评价等级 opinion leader 意见领袖

1. in my opinion 2. as for me 3. as far as i am concerned 4. in my view (楼下有些表述不对) 希望可以帮助你,满意的话,希望采纳,谢谢!

as far as my concerned;in my view ;a far as I can see;Finally;At last;in conclusion;In the end;as far as I konw

in my view I suppose……

at my point of view.供参考.

【in my opinion 在我看来】以下这些表达法都可以替代:from my opinion from my point of viewin my opinion in my viewin my eyesin my perspectivefrom my perspectivefor my money For my money, nothing is better than sleeping.for my partIt seems to me 祝你学习进步,时时开心!O(∩_∩)O~~

as far as i am concerned;from/in my point of view;with the view of my prospective.

in one's opinion根据某人的看法;在……看来[网络短语]in one's opinion 根据某人看法,某人认为,在某人看来in one's opinion 根据某人的看法in one's opinion 在……看来

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