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去百度文库,查看完整内容> 内容来自用户:李鹏亚 notonlybutalso造句【篇一:notonlybutalso造句】i not only heard it. but also saw it.我不但听见.而且亲眼看见了.shakespeare was not only a writer. but(also) an actor.莎士比亚不仅是作家,而且

Not only students but also teachers like this painting.不仅学生,老师也很喜欢这幅油画.十个句子是输不下d.超字数咯

不但……而且……的意思例句;not only you but also i am a teacher.不仅你而且我是-名老师.tip:遵循就近原则

I like not only apples but also bananas.我不但喜欢苹果而且喜欢香蕉My mother is not only a teacher but also a good cook.我妈妈不但是个老师而且还是个好厨师.

They are not only classmates but also partners in the study,更上一层楼,而且也是学习上的搭档,汤姆也知道,而且玛丽也喜欢这个游戏.我们不但喜欢音乐.He gave me not only money but also advice.Not only he but also all his family are

Not only did our friends give us a sense of safety,but also they made us feel no more loneliness. 朋友不仅让我们有安全感,还使我们不再孤单.

Chinese is not only the most population in the world use language and is one of the working languages of the United Nations

Not only Tom but also Mary has a bike.汤姆和玛丽都有自行车 注意:上面has用单数是因为not only A but also b句型后面的动词与前面的A单复数一致

1.Not only me but also my parents like travelling.2. Not only BeiJing but also Shanghai is popular for city tour.3. We visited not only France but also England last year.4. Not only Chinese people but also the foreigners enjoy travelling.5. Expenditions

Not only I like this movie, but my mother likes it as well.不但是我喜欢这部电影,我的妈妈也很爱看它.She is not only our teacher but also our friend. We all respect and love her.她不仅是我们的老师,同时又是我们的朋友,我们都尊敬和爱戴她.

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