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应该是方向的意思吧,就是有没有想好学什么.那management concentration 应该是指管理方向吧concentration [,knsn'trein] n.1. 集结,集中,聚集2. 专注,专心3. 浓度;密度;浓缩4. 浓缩物;集中之物

management n.处理, 管理, 经营; 经营力; 经营手段安排; 妥善对待经理, 管理人员[the management][集合词]管理部门, 厂方, 资方(武器、工具、机器等的)使用、运用、操纵【医】(疾病等的)处理(法)the management of the store 商店经理部 management-book武汉扬格外语学校

时间管理:即最大限度,最有效率地利用时间来完成自己的事情.可以参考Marc Mancini的书《Time Management: 24 Techniques to Mak供储垛肥艹堵讹瑟番鸡e Each Minute Count at Work 》

management accountA single account at a brokerage or bank which includes both banking and brokerage services. Most asset management accounts allow checking , a debit or credit card , automatic transfer of excess funds into a money management account, and margin loans. also called central assets account.


Functional management流程化管理graduated梯度 graduated compression是梯度加压的意思,一种医疗手段

feed management 付管理付管理

管理学学士学位:Bachelor of Science Degree in Management或者bachelor of management

Industrial Marketing Management


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