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jumping:bouncing; jumping 哂 ['dmp] 胆 ['dmp] adj.喘噐柳埔議 v.柳( jump議嶬攘峇 );柳狛;酔堀卞強;(咀郭妾、墾殿賜爾強遇)値仇匯強

jumping 梧返:inxs 廨辞:inxs Say when you get down Look to your left Say when you get up INXS Look to your right Figure out the puzzle Make sure the pieces fit tight Jumping jumping All night long Jump and jump and it's up to you There is no

購噐Leap,Jump議掩裂 (1)Leap: to leap over 柳狛. upon 橡 from 貫柳 with 貫柳聞誼 upon 柳貧 into 柳秘 through 柳埔刊狛 Leap 謹喘噐鮒梧,柳埔犁云狎. (2)Jump:to jump at 堀僅堀畳 down 値隼嬉似 on 斤掲佃 out of 咀郭妾 high jump 柳互 long jump 柳垓 Jump 謹峺柳貧,賜參貧匯乂喘隈.

jumping 哂['dmp]胆['dmp]adj. 喘噐柳埔議v. 柳( jump議嶬攘峇 );柳狛;酔堀卞強;(咀郭妾、墾殿賜爾強遇)値.

stand tough 梧返:point break 廨辞:apocadelic don't you know that this is the beginning(just a game) don't you know that this is just a game(just a game it's just a game) stand tough(

梧爆兆:Jumping梧返:寄忽槻廨辞:JumpingJumping寄忽槻恬簡:H.U.B.恬爆:賠邦孅槻Yes, say Hello! 突の知に敢が栖た欠にり隆栖冥す丹宀褐鎌なんてしてないで 突らは佩くさぁ書だlet's go!! 恷互だlet's go!仇なき祇は


jumping ['dmp] n. 嬾悪 adj. 柳埔議 vi. 柳(jump議ing侘塀) 柳埔塰強 柳埔 柳促


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