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Bebe Rexha&Martin Garrix-In The Name Of Love这个歌MP3文件已上传,请及时下载保存!

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in the name of love 以爱的名义 因爱之名; 最爱是你; 以爱为名; 以爱之名; 以爱的名义; [例句]Let all that you do, be done in the name of love. 让你做的所有事情,都以爱之名立誓。

only love cry on my shoulder my love see you again take your time

easy the second.

Future bass

嗯,是电音。Martin Garrix 是DJ和音乐制作人。为什么会有僵尸片的感觉?

in the name of love 以爱的名义 双语例句 1 In the name of love, I beg of you to be happy forever. 以爱的名义,乞求你永远幸福快乐。为此我时刻牵挂。 2 In the Name of Love& A Tentative Analysis of Hester Prynne's Feminist Conscious...

歌曲名:Pride (In The Name Of Love) 歌手:U2 专辑:The Best Of 1980 - 1990 / B Sides Pride (In the Name of Love) U2 One man come in the name of love One man come and go One man come, he to justify One man to overthrow In the name ...

前面要加上in, 正确表达: in the name of love 希望能帮到你! 望采纳! 精~~~~~~~锐

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