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in ADDition to造句

1.You need money and time ; in addition , you need diligence .你需要钱和时间,此外还需要努力.2.You need money and time , in addition , you need diligence .你需要钱和时间,除此之外,你还需要努力.3.In addition to your good right arm you

In addition to high salaries, you will enjoy a paid holiday every year.

In addition to making art, he sold it, not only dealing his own work but that of other artists.

.She has two cars and in addition a motorboat. 她有两辆轿车外加一艘汽艇. We met some friends and other people in addition. 我们遇见几位朋友,还遇见其他一些人. In addition, advance in microcomputers have opened information related fields to home workers. 此外,微型计算机的发展还为在家工作的人开辟了与信息有关的一些领域.

in addition to the essay he wrote, he also record a mp3 file of it.i am working as a waiter in the restaurant

In addition to win the games, he practiced a lot

You're not only my brother,but also my best friends. In addition to his progress,we can know he had tried his best.

beside:在旁边;与…相比;和…无关 例句:I sat down beside him and rested my head on his shoulder.我在他身边坐了下来把头靠在他的肩膀上 in addition to:除…之外 例句:In addition to that, I'm really enjoying all the running! 除此之外,我确实非常享受跑步!

in addition 是除了,除此之外的意思

in addition和in addition to的区别in addition 做状语,不必跟名词而in addition to 因为有了介词,后面必须跟名词

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