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How old are you?:你几岁了. 同义句:What's your age?句首要大写,好好学习天天向上!加油!

what is your age

1.How old are you?(同义句)What's _your__ _age__?2.You are welcome.(同义句) That's _all_ _right_.3.We have( an Art Festival) each year.(对括号内提问) _What_ _festival_ _do_ you have each year?4.---Is y

may i know your age please? How old are you ? 您多大年纪?你几岁了? 同义句: What's your age? 您多大年纪?你几岁了?What is your age? 大学以上的文化人,很多这么说的;印度人也这样表达. 谢谢

(What's) your (age)?与上一句意思完全相同!希望你能有一个好的英语成绩,加油吧!

How old are you=what's your age都,表示为你多大了

1.How old are you?(改为同义句)What is your age?2.having,are,a,you,birthday,fun(?) (连词成句)Are you having a fun birthday?3.Do you know 认识 the girl over there?(填词)Yes,she's my friend.4.Is th

How old are you?=what's your age?what does your cousin like doing?=what 's your cousin's hobby?she usually go home on foot=she usually walks to home.

I don't know的同义句是:I have no idea.How old are you?的同义句是 what's your age ?I don't know how old you are .就是I have no idea what your age is . .

1.What's your age?2.Is this bag yours?3.Would you like to go swimming?4.Are these his books?5.These red-T-shirts are Jim's6.Our car is brown.

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