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how muCh表示总量的例句

-how much is this? 这个多少钱? -This is 5 yuan. 这个五块钱 求采纳~~谢谢哦

how much与how many的区别在于:how many 后接可数名词复数形式,而how much 后接不可数名词.例如:-How many people are there in your family?你家有几口人?-

加不可数名词的时候表示多少,可数名词要用how many 表示价钱一般是问句:How much is the shoes?像这样的.

你好!How much money do you have? 你有多少钱?money可以换成不可属名词 baggage, change(零钱), furniture, homework,luggage, money, news, progress How many shirts do you have? 你有多少件衬衫?shirts可以换成可属名词 desks, dogs, cars,..如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

many 小谐音money(钱) 金钱是数量有限的 所以many可数much 则不可数

1. How much? 快几分钟? 2. How much? 多少钱? 3. How much longer? 还有多远? 4. How much, please? 请问要多少钱? 5. How much altogether? 一共多少钱? 6. How much is common? 一般是付多少呢? 7. How much is haulage? 运费


How much did we make? 我们挣了多少?How much did they sting you for? 他们敲了你多少钱?You must continue to see them no matter how much you may disagree with them 无论你和他们之间有多大的分歧,你都得继续去看他们.

howmuch的用法 (1)用来询问事物的数量,后接不可数名词.例如: How much milk is there in the glass?玻璃杯里有多少牛奶? (2)用来询问事物的重量.例如: -How much does the pig weigh?这头猪多重? -Eighty kilos.八十公斤. (3)

how much 释义:多少.how much 一般用于提问,表达多少……?……值多少钱?(什么价钱)到什么程度.例句: How much is this? 这个多少钱? How much are the eggs? 鸡蛋什么价钱?How much can a man stand? 一个人能容忍到什么

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