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1. hold back 有所保留,阻碍进步,抑制自己. 例如:hold back valuable information; hold back my tears.2. hold on 用力抓住;坚持,继续,坚持,等待 3. hold out 到现在或可得到的东西. 持续供应 Our food is holding out nicely. 继续抵抗 The

及物动词 vt. 1. 握着;抓住;夹住 He held a knife in his hand. 他手里握着一把刀. 2. 托住;支承 The roof was held up by pillars. 屋顶由柱子支撑着. 3. 使保持某种姿态等[O] She held herself erect. 她把身子挺直. 4. 拘留,扣留 The highjackers

最佳答案 hold back 1.有所保留2.阻碍进步.3.抑制自己.hold back valuable information; hold back my tears.hold on1.用力抓住;坚持.2.继续,坚持.3.等待 hold out1.到现在或可得到的东西.2.持续供应 Our food is holding out

hold on继续;等一下 hold in抑制;约束 hold back退缩 hold one's breathe屏息 hold off拖延 hold on to坚持

1.hold up v. 举起,阻挡,耽搁,支撑,抢劫,使停顿,举出 例句与用法:Managed to hold up under the daily stress. 想办法应付每天的生活压力 I decided to hold up on the news until he was sure of it. 我决定暂缓发布消息,直到我确信准确无误.

应该用hold on to do sth 坚持做某事 还可以说: Persist in sth. To continue to do something To persevere in doing sth keep doing sthhold one to doing 是错的!

hold on to .to 是介词 ,不是不动式.不动式后面是跟动词原型.I am used to doing it . 这个短语也不是不动式,是介词 .

insist on; persist in; hold fast (to); keep up; stand onadhere topersevere instick to

insist on persist in persevere with keep at stick at hold on to

hold on to do something吧?没听说果to后面能家doing的

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