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hobby是名词,是根据前面的动词看后面的动词 因为有个is,所以应该是swimming

hobby的意思是爱好造句比如是:my hobby is collecting stamps.我的爱好是集邮

我的业余爱好是羽毛球 ! i like sports very much. my favourite sport is badminton. i play badminton with my father after school. it is my hobby. what is your hobby? can you tell me?

hobby [英]['hb][美][hbi] n. 业余爱好;嗜好,兴趣;小马 复数: hobbies 双语例句 1. he decided to turn his hobby into a lucrative sideline. 他决定把自己的爱好变成赚钱的副业. 2. many retired people take up gardening as a hobby. 许多退

hobby ['hbi] n. 嗜好;业余爱好[ 复数hobbies ] 同近义词 weakness, habit, appetite, liking 以下纯属助您理解:例句:1、He turned from his work to a hobby.他不干工作却搞起了业余爱好.2、Reading is the only hobby I can speak of.读书是我唯一值得一提的爱好.3、He pursued his hobby of collecting old almanacs for so many years.多年来他一直保持着收集旧历书的嗜好.还望对你有帮助!感谢您对我们的支持!

My hobby is swimming. I'm good at swimming. In summer holiday, I swam in the swimming pool with my parents.It is very happy to swim in the swimming pool.

habit是习惯,包括日常生活中和工作中的习惯 hobby是业余爱好,主要指工作之余的爱好 不能说:my favourite habit is singing

my hobby do you have any hobbies? if not ,what do you do in the holidays ? i have many hobbies .on weekdays ,when i study in school ,i play with my classmates .sometimes i play volleyball with them,sometimes i play football with them .i think playing

hobby 英[hbi] 美[h:bi] n. 业余爱好; 嗜好,兴趣; 小马; [网络] 喜爱; 业余; 业余嗜好; [例句]My hobbies are letter writing, football, music, photography, and tennis.我的业余爱好是写信、踢足球、听音乐、玩摄影和打网球.[其他] 复数:hobbies

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