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你好!further study 这里 study 是名词,further 是 形容词,修饰 名词study , 翻译为深造 study further 中study 为不及物动词, further 为副词,修饰study 更进一步地学习 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.


farther 指距离上更远/最远.具体的距离further 主要指程度上更进一步.抽象意义.例如Further Education继续教育;进修;深造;延续教育Further Study继续教育;深造;进修;进一步研究further on再往前;再向前;以远;在更远处Further

“further”的意思其实和“farther”很接近,但是它通常是表示抽象意义(时间、空间)上的“更远”,或者更多.比如说:Have you any further questions?(你还有问题吗?)题目中的的“further”就是指“进一步”的意思.“further study”就是“进修”的意思^^


去深造的英语动词词组是:Go to further study


The competition in the word has been more and intense, so which makes further study to be a hot topic, at least people think it is the way to strengthen themsleves. And job opportunities seems not adequate for whole social, further study becomes

With the developing of the world, the world we live has become much smaller. Nowadays, more and more students have to make a choice on whether or not should they study abroad. Studying in and abroad both have their own advantages and

现列举现象,例如,now more and more students choose to go abroad to recieve futher education.然后从优点,缺点两方面分两段论述.比如好处是,broaden one's horizons, learn more about different cultues, more equiped facilities, 等等.坏

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