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containment 英 [kn'tenm()nt] 美 [kn'tenmnt] n. 包含;牵制;容量;密闭度;抑制, 牵制;牵制 [遏制] 政策1.What you see also hear is a containment wall. 你们能看到和听到的是一面容量的墙.2.But the question now is whether “containment” is also the right metaphor for Afghanistan, and for the threat of Islamic extremism. 但是现在的问题是,遏制是否对阿富汗政府和伊斯兰极端主义的威胁也是正确的隐喻.

containmentcontainment 英[kntenmnt] 美[kntenmnt] n. 包含; 牵制; 容量; 密闭度; [例句]Fire crews are hoping they can achieve full containment of the fire before the winds pick up.消防队员希望趁着风还没有起来将火势完全控

containment n.控制, 遏制政策, 容积 a policy of creating strategic alliances in order to check the expansion of a hostile power or ideology or to force it to negotiate peacefully . 建立一个战略同盟来遏制敌对势力或意识形态的扩张,或者是迫使他进行和平谈判的一种政策.

containment plan遏制计划例句:1.Compensation expense decreased due to the impact of the cost containment plan.

spill containment的中文翻译 spill containment 溢出遏制 双语例句 1 Is spill containment fitted under the cargo manifold? 货油管汇下面是否装有溢油容器? 2 Other design considerations include frost effects, limited availability of granular and rockfill materials, short construction period, and spill containment. 其他设计考虑包括冻结效应、有限的粗粒和堆石料、短施工时间和燃料溢出保护.

delegation是为了聚合而量身定制的,还有nondelegation也是.containment和 aggregation都是为了实现二进制级的代码重涌.

secondary containment英[sekndri kntenmnt]美[skndri kntenmnt]二次安全壳二次围堵; 外壳安全壳双语例句 1in order to add an additional protection from the view point of nuclear safety defence in depth, the secondary containment is adopted.从核安全纵深防御的角度,为了再多增加一道安全屏障,设置了二次安全壳.

containment n. 围堵政策, 牵制政策containment of the first shipping lot(我随便乱翻译下) 第一批航运的货的容量因为我以为contain这词的话是“包含,容得下”的意思,所以名词的话该有“容量”一解

containment action词典围堵措施;遏制措施网络临时对策; 临时围堵措施; 防堵行动计划双语例句 Unfortunately, projections show that the epidemic particularly in countries with low-and medium-level national incomes will continue to spread if

问题:Containment Breach是什么意思Containment Breach译为遏制违约=========================================================您好!您提出的问题,我的答案已经给出,请您浏览一遍!有什么不懂的地方欢迎回复我!希望我的答案对您有所帮助!如果满意请及时点击【采纳为满意答案】按钮若是客户端的朋友在右上角评价点【满意】您的采纳!是我答题的动力也同时给您带来知识和财富值O(∩_∩)O谢谢您!!!==========================================================

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