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confident 形容词 "自信的"confidence 名词"自信"一个是形容词,一个是名词而己,confidence 常与with连用,表示对“人”或“事”自信.

confidence是名词,可以做主语,宾语等.如I am full of confidence.我自信满满. I just need confidence.我就是需要自信;固定短语 have the confidence of sth或have the confidence to do sth确信……或有勇气有自信做……; in confidence,秘

这些词组几乎是同一个意思:对. 有信心,确信

be sure/certain of ,make sure

catch up with追赶 例,i got up earlier in order to catch up with the train. worry about担心 例 our parents always worry about us. leave..alone让某人一个人待着 例 leave me alone,让我一个人静静 be covered with覆盖 例,the ground was

confident,形容词,自信的nervous,形容词,紧张的 relaxed,形容词,放松的strict,形容词,严格的 be strict with sb. be strict at sth

Be confident of/about,对有信心,不加with的,feel confident of/about是对未来有信心,有把握.

对自信 For self-confidence 对严肃 For serious

confident 和this exam 缺少一个介词 with be confident with 固定短语

in advance 事前 in the meantime 与此同时 in place 适当地 in hopes of(或in the hope of) 怀着.希望 in connection with 和……有关 in contact with 和……联系 in addition to 除以外 in case of 倘若,万一 in conflict with 和冲突 in

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