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1. surprise可做名词,基copy本用法如下:1)表示“惊讶”时,是不可数名词.常用短语:in surprise 惊讶地;to one's surprise 让某人惊讶的是2)表示“令人惊讶的事务/意外之事”时,是可数名词2. surprise还可以做及物动词,意思是“使

1. respect做名词的常用短语:give one's respects to 向致候 have respect for 尊敬[重], 重视 have respect to 牵 涉到, 关系到 注意到, 考虑到 in all respects (=in every respect) 无论在哪方面[哪一点]来看, 在各方面 in many respects 在许多方

accept vt. 接受 固定搭配: It is accepted that普遍认为 accept…as…接受为;承认是 accept sb. into 接纳某人进入

to do sth和at doing sth.用法相同

常用的有1.decide against决心不, 决定不采取; 决定反对; 判决(某人)败诉2.decide between于两者中选择其一3.decide for作出有利于的决定; 赞成做某事; 判决(某人)胜诉4.decide in favour of作出有利于的决定; 赞成做某事;

be committed to 是一个固定搭配的词组,是献身于,致力于的意思.to属于介词,后面的memory是名词.committed 是被动.

您好!forget一般有两种搭配forget to do跟forget doing,前者的意思是忘记做某事(一般用于提醒他人:Don't forget to do sth),后者是指忘记做过某事(实际上是做了的,只是忘了而已).down与over都是多词性词,有很多固定搭配的,建议您使用牛津英汉双解词典,固定搭配收录很全面的.danger一般be in danger 用得比较多,就是身处危险之中的意思,你也可以再牛津词典上查看更多,望采纳!

13】leave sth about(1)乱丢/乱放某物 He is apt to leave things about.他总喜欢把东西到处乱放.(2) 把…随便乱放 Don't leave your things about. 别把东西到处乱扔.【14】leave sth aside搁置/不考虑某物/某事 Let's leave the matter aside for a

1,常用的词组 give away 送掉, 分发 give back 归还, 恢复 give for 牺牲,交换 give in 投降, 屈服,give into 通向 give off 发出(蒸汽、光等),长出(枝、杈等) give on (门、窗等)向着2,基本用法:give sb sth 和 give sth to sb

To supply something is to make something available as per a request. Supplies are things that you need, such as office supplies, which can be found in office supply stores. It's difficult to make a clear distinction here.To provide something is similar

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