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过去式: commented过去分词: commented现在分词: commenting第三人称单数: comments这些在线字典都可以查到的:)

by commenting on the saying 通过评论这句话 重点词汇 commenting评论,谈论(comment的现在分词形式) saying话; 说话; 谚语,格言; 说(say的ing形式)

in want of和in need of的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同.一、意思不同1.in want of:需要;缺乏;有钱的男人都需要2.in need of:有…的需要;有…的必要二、用法不同1.in want of:want的基本意思是“想”“要”,指人希望、愿意

comment用法:v. (动词)1)comment的基本意思是“发表意见,提出看法”,一般是指有一定权威的人对某事或某人发表看法. 2)comment一般用作不及物动词,后面常接介词on或upon,表示“就(某人〔某事〕)发表看法,评论(某人等

一、词义辨析不一样1、comment 〔辨析〕指对某人或某事物所发表的意见、见解.〔例证〕Does anyone have any questions or comments?谁有什么问题或意见吗?2、review 〔辨析〕指对内容作简略介绍,指出其优劣,而后附加评论者的批

have no comment on整体翻译成中文意思是:没有评论 have 英 [hv] 美 [hv] aux.用以构成完成式及完成式的不定式,表示已经…vt.有,具有;拿,取得;从事;必须,不得不n.〈口〉有产者,有钱人;富国;〈英俚〉欺骗,诈骗 第三人称单

再一次四级完型词汇 once in a while 偶尔 - once more 再一次 - once upon a time 从前 - . 又一次 再次 重新短语once one more time 再一次once more 再一次yestedday once more 昨日重现希望能帮到你!您的采纳是我回答的动力!谢谢!

GREEN BANANAS: a humorous reference to agingSome time this past Spring I heard the phrase used for the first time. A friend, commenting on the fact that he was getting older, said to me, “I don't buy green bananas anymore.” 青香蕉:一种

[图文] 根据下面材料,回答{TSE}题. {TS}正确答案是() A. acting B. relying C. centering D. commenting 请帮忙给出正确答案和分析,谢谢! 悬赏: 0 答案豆 提问人:00****34 您可能感兴趣的试题 正确答案是

Everyone wants to be appreciated and praised by others for what they do and what they say. For instance, children want to be praised by their parents. Students want to be praised by their teachers. Employees want to be praised by their employers.

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