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child 英 [tald] 美 [tald] n. 儿童,小孩,孩子;产物;子孙;幼稚的人;弟子 n. (英)蔡尔德(人名) [短语] child 儿童,孩子,小孩 Only child 独生子女, 独生子 Century Child 世纪之子

抽象名词具体化英语中有许多抽象名词,当泛指的时候不能与a/an连用但当前面的形容词修饰,指具体的人和事时,就具体化了.如: He's really a success. That thing is a total failure.I spent an interesting time


From childhoodFrom childhood on Tennyson was fascinated by the sound of words.从孩提开始,坦尼森就对词语的发音着了迷.I admire those audacious warriors from childhood.我从小敬慕那些无畏的战士.She liked swimming from childhood.她从小就喜爱游泳.She had passed from childhood to early womanhood.她已由童年进入了少女期.These habits should start from childhood!这个习惯就要从小开始培养!



你好!the importance of happy childhood for children如有疑问,请追问.

Childhood is unforgetable for me. Childhood is where my beautiful memory lies. Childhood is the most precious time for all of us.

几十年不见的童年伙伴childhood friend(s) who/that I/we haven't seen for decades

My childhood造句:i didn't know what's the tast of the love from my childhood, but now i have realized that since i met you.

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