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她的女儿决定更换她的专业 ,major有主要的意思,但这里是“专业”

Keys Unit 1 5. Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the forms where 3. When I pointed out the mistakes in her calculation, instead of correcting them as

[图文] she could change her way of life, and, in exchange for this sacrifice, he would offer all the Her past appeared to her to be one of the major causes of her illness, and a kind of superstition(迷信

concern: 关系到;涉及;涉及,关系到,关系,挂念,(厉害)关系;关系 关系到concern [kn's:n] vt. 涉及,关系到;使担心 n. 关系;关心;关心的事

[图文] she can change her life, she can have choices." In the future, Rania says, she hopes for a more open her llth major success. The pair will receive their awards at the annual 1TF world champions dinner in

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