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BE striCt with sB

sb就是somebody的简写,中文是“某人”的意思 be strict with 英[bi: strikt wi] 美[bi strkt w] [词典] 对…严格, 对严厉; [网络] 要求严格; 严格; 对…要求严格; [例句]We must be strict with ourselves in our work.我们在工作中对自己必须严格要求.

my father was very strict with me when i was a little boy cause i was a naughty boy.

The teacher is strict with us.老师对我们很严厉.

be strict with sb.对人严厉 be strict in sth.事情严肃

be strict in sth和be strict with sb in sth的用法区别为含义不同、使用场合不同、侧重点不同,意思如下:一、用法含义不同1.be strict in sth释义:严格要求某事;对某事严格要求2.be strict with sb in sth释义:对某人严格要求 二、使用场合不同1.

be hard on sb意思是:虐待某人;使某人难堪 be strict with sb意思是:对某人严格,是褒义.

be strict in没有这个用法噢.be strict about/on sth:对某事严格. be strict with sb:对某人严格. 有 be strict in sth,be strict with sb/sth,be strict about sth.其它的没有.都是严格的意思 .My teacher is always strict with us. 我的老师对我们总是很严格. We must be strict about this problem. 我们必须严肃对待这个问题.

be strict with sb in sth祝你快乐:)

The teacher is strict with us.My mother is strict in working.He is kind to his sister.

1.my mother is strict with me. 2.my father is strict with me 3.my teacher is strict with me 4.my brother is strict with me ,

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