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BE optimistiC介词

1、 表示对某人感到失望,通常用介词 with,in.如:I'm disappointed in you! How could you have lied like that? 你让我失望了,你怎么能像那样说谎呢?2、 表示对某一行为(doingsth)感到失望,通常用介词 at, about等.如:We are all

be disappointed可用于下列句型:(1) 后接不定式,例如: I was disappointed to hear the news that he failed the entrance exam. 我听到他没有考取这个消息后感到失望.(2) 后接that从句,例如: I was disappointed that he had gone without a


be excited后面加什么介词有两种,一种是at,一种是about,两种情况通常是可以互换的,差别十分细微,可以忽略不计about一般是指在的影响下而激动;at一般是指关于某事而激动.有人说的加to的是不相关的.at和about是“主动形式,被动语态”,to没有这种意思.

be puzzled with/by/about/over 都行的

be interested in是固定结构,后接in sb\sth 或者 in doing sth,表示对什么感兴趣,对什么关心;be intersted in没有单独的这个结构,只有intersting to do sth或that,除非是放在句子里,有特定的语境,不能单看.

介词可以跟to、about、of、toward等等; 例句:.1.Be respectful to your superiors, if you have any, also to strangers, and sometimes to others.如果你有上级的话,要尊重他们,当然还要尊重陌生人,和其他人.2.Be polite and be respectful about

be confused [英] [bi: knfju:zd][美] [bi knfjuzd] 迷; 词钝意虚; 摸门不着;be confused [英] [bi: knfju:zd][美] [bi knfjuzd] 迷; 词钝意虚; 摸门不着;

be harmful后面介词to表示对…有害希望我的回答对您有帮助,满意请采纳,谢谢.

be excited at “在的影响下而激动be excited about “关于某事而激动”She is very excited about/at winning the first prize. 赢得首奖,她激动不已. 常可以互换

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