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Arrogance n. 傲慢 自大

傲慢地、自大地,作为副词可以和动词搭配使用They have seized businesses and properties, and often reacted arrogantly, or worse, when anyone objected.

foreign languages外国语言例句:And they are arrogantly hopeless at learning foreign languages. 他们在学习外语方面傲慢得让人绝望.

arrogantadj.傲慢的, 自大的arrogantar.ro.gantAHD:[r“…-g…nt] D.J.[6#r*g*nt]K.K.[6#r*g*nt]adj.(形容词)Making or disposed to make claims to unwarranted importance or consideration out of overbearing pride.傲慢的:超越专横的傲慢对不

general security一般资讯安全;一般安全;整体性安全政策例句1.The security general knowledge, lets you "smile at the kitchen arrogantly"安全常识让你“笑傲”厨房2.But it emphasized that the password thefts were not the result of a general

太阳先生 ,因为你,我放弃傲慢

它的原型是 arrogant . 意为:傲慢的 自大的arrongantly 是副词形式,意为: 傲慢地 自大地

傲娇的猫 arrogantly playful cat 或 arrogantly lovable cat

1.He showed a marked antipathy to foreigners.2.Those who compare ugliness to love,are those who arrogantly knew love.3.Don't berate yourself or feel bad - just acknowledge the thought,and gently chang

One can't be too proud,others may play a important role in you life though you was overlooking it.We shouldn't only care about ourselves.

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