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ACCount For占有 造句

account for1.explain;give a reason for解释;说明…的原因*How do you account for the accident?你如何解释这次事故的原因?*We asked him to account for his conduct.我们要他对自己的行为加以解释.2.give a statement to show how money or

1占 today, they account for a quarter. 时至今日,已增至全球总产量的四分一 2说明;证明 he could not account for his foolish mistake. 他无法解释他所犯的荒谬的错误.

already, aging adults account for a growing share of the us population.

I was called to account for my conduct by the headmistress. 我因为行为不检点而受到女校长的斥责.

People always can't account for why they quarrel.account for是解释、说明..的原因的意思

How do you account for the matter? 【account for解释】 He lives on his own account in the city. 【on one's own acount依靠自己】 On account of raining, she's late.【on account of 因为】 其它按楼上意见办

account for 英[kaunt f:] 美[kant fr] [词典] 说明(原因、理由等); 导致,引起; (在数量、比例上) 占; 对…负责; [网络] 占据; 占了; 解释,说明; [例句]Computers account for 5% of the country's commercial electricity consumption.计算机占去该国商业用电的5%.

用accountfor造句怎么? 我要提问 用accountfor造句怎么造 匿名 分享到微博 提交回答 1 问: 造句用 父爱如 造句,造2个答: 父爱如山,造就我一种坚韧刚毅的性格; 父爱如海,培育我一种豁达宽容的

allow for: 考虑到1. In calculating profit, retailers must allow for breakage and spoilage. 计算利润时,零售商们必须考虑到破碎和损坏情况 2. It's best to allow for shrinkage when buying cotton clothes. 买棉布衣服时最好考虑到它们的缩水率. 3.

“占据……比重”可以用短语表示:take up %account for %make up %也可以用单词:occupy %hold %所以你说的account for是可以的.

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