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hou about going out for a walk?

how 英[hau] 美[ha] 复数:hows 易混淆的单词: How HOW HoWadv. 1.怎样, 如何, 怎么样 2.健康状况如何, 情况怎样 3.到何种地步, 多么, 多少 4.(询问是否成功或

How much1`How much? Ten yuan.多少钱?10元.2`How much did this trousers take you?这条裤子花了你多少钱?3How much is this bag? 这个书包多少钱?4How much did you get from your father? 你从你父亲那儿得到多少钱?How

1. (表方式、方法)怎样,怎么 How do you usually go to school? 你怎样去上学? (交通方式) How does she study English? 她是怎样学习英语的?2. (指健康等情况)怎样 How is Miss Zhang? 张小姐身体好吗?3.(询问天气)怎样 How is

是massage,还是message 如果是How about this massage,那翻译 过来是“这个推拿\按摩怎么样?” 如果是How about this message,那就是”这个消息怎么样?“

how many book do you have(你有多少本书),如果你想简单造到13个句子,你改下book,写上其他物品的单词就行啦!book是书的意思.

造句如下:1、 How were they going to raise enough money for it?翻译:他们要怎么筹到足够的钱?2、How were we to escape this awful predicament?翻译:我们如何逃脱这一可怕的困境?3、How were we to know that he was a numbskull?

How do you go to school?How are you ?How old are you?How do you do?

What :What is your school number? 你的学号是多少?Who :Who is your favorite star ?谁是你最喜欢的明星?When :When did you go ?你什么时候走?Where :Where do you live? 你在哪里住?How :How can we get there ?我们怎样才能到达那里?

My mom asks me to do homework 我妈妈让我做作业He asked me how to read this 他问我怎么读

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