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for this reason 以此;为此 It is for this reason that television proves such a boon to so many people.就是因为这个原因,电视才会给这么多人带来如此大的便利。 For this reason it is unlikely that many such engines were built!因此...

关于“For this reason”怎么造句,给你举如下几个例子: 1、l like to study for this reason i study really hard. 我成绩很好是因为我爱学习。 2、For this reason, we must assume as little as possible about the use of theseoperations. ...

I came here for this reason. 亲:祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

I like English culture and I wish to have a visit in Britain someday for this reason. 我喜爱英国文化,就是因为这点,我希望有一天可以去英国旅游。 如有帮助,请采纳一下,谢谢~

For this reason,I can't go with you.就是这个原因,我不能和你一起走。 for用来陈述原因 满意请采纳O(∩_∩)O谢谢

for the reason They are there for the reason you need them to be. 他们是因为你的需要而来到你的身边 He is referred to as a giant, for the reason that he is well tall. 他被称为巨人,因为他长的非常高大。

the reason for + 名词(或名词性的结构)、动名词V.ing、代词如:The reason for the illness is unbalanced diet.这种疾病的原因是饮食失衡(后跟名词性结构) I don't want to know the reason for his leaving.我不想知道他离开的原因(后跟...

The reason why he failed the exam is that he didn't work hard. The reason why I was late for class is that I did't catch the bus. The reason why he succeeded is that he works very hard. The reason why Mary didn't come to school...

[例句]There is a reason for every important thing that happens 每件重要事情的发生都有原因。 [例句]They had enough cash for a one-way ticket 他们有足够的钱买单程票。

He didn't reply for the reason that he couldn't think anything to say

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