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I do know!我不知道.I can do most of homework by myself.我能独立做大部分的家庭作业.I do not wash my clothes.我没有洗衣服.

I will go .I will come .I will leave .

1.You do a good job in the game.2.I do a good job in the PE test3.I do a good job in the writing competition

1.一般现在时:I often do my homework at night. 2.现在进行时:I'm doing my homework now. 3.一般将来时:I will do my homework at 7 o 'clock. 4.一般过去时:I did my homework just now. 5.过去进行时:I was doing my homework at this time yesterday. 采纳!!!

he will come back tomorrow.he won't agree with your idea.will he come to the party?i shall go home as soon as possible.he shall not miss the class tomorrow.shall we go to the station next Tuesday?i am going to study abroad.she is not going to learn Japanese.are you going to attend the meeting ?

nothing except doing except作介词do nothing but docannot but to do前有do后省to

how do you do? Do you know?

Do you think it's necessary to learn English?(你认为学英语有必要吗?)Do you think we should go there by train?(你认为我们应该坐火车去那儿吗?)Do you think she is right?(你认为她是对的吗?)

You/They/We have many books.三个肯定句. You/They/We don't have any books.三个否定句. Do you/they/we have any books ?一般疑问句. She/He/Tom has s cat.肯定句三个 She/He/Tom doesn't have a cat.否定句 Does she/he/Tom have s cat?一般疑问句. 这样回答你能看出重点知识.

1. I'm too young to go to school.我太年幼了以至于还不能上学.2. He is too lazy to get up early in the morning.他太懒了,以至于早上早起不来.3. The box is too heavy to carry. 这个箱子太重了,以至于搬不动.

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