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英语作文My BAD But gooD DAy


change my bad habits In my life,there are a lot of bad habits.For example,smoking drinking and stay up too lete 熬夜). First, smoking costs

A Good Day Begins with a Good Breakfast,is the morning of day. We all know that breakfast on human health importance, but still have a lot of people did not eat breakfast cultivate the habit of job or are too busy too eat brea...


last week, i have two very different days, one of them is a good one and the other is a bad one. which one do you want to hear about first? i'll tell you about the good one first. i went to happy valley with my friends. we went...

It was a bad day but also a good day! 这是一个糟糕的一天,但也是一个好日子!

Today,is a good day.Because today is my birthday,my family and I went to the supermarket,we bought a lot of food,drink and many vegetables.And dad bought me a story book.The evening,my father bought a cake,but also gave me a gi...

It was a bad day but also a good day! 这是一个糟糕的一天,但也是一个好日子!

Day finally clearing up. On May 25, 2006, on this day, but before that, it has even for five consecutive days of rain, the drizzle is like a slowly growing worries, reorganization, let a person can't see why, sorrow come withou...

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