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英语短文改错、共有10处错误 My BrothEr Tom wAs vEry sElFish whE...

My brother Tom was very selfish when he was a little boy. He did not want share things with other people. For 1._______ example, when he bought a chocolate cake, he put them 2._______ in a secret place where I couldn' t find it. Then he 3. _____

第一行hashonoured加been变为hasbeenhonoured第二行sparetimetodo去掉do 因为devoteto中to为介词,后跟n./doing第三行whichshow show加s 变为 shows第三行hedoesgood good改为well 因为 dowellin固定词组第四行muchschoolactivities

错误在括号处标出,保证准确率! The most exciting event (去掉in) this week was the sports meet on Tuesday. I took part in the (boy's改成boys') 400-Meter relay race,in (it改成which) there were four teams competing. I was (a改成the) third to run

1. basket---baskets 2. the saturday---saturday 3. which---in which/where 4. and---but 5. much---more 6. few---many 7. at---over 8. run---running 9. afraid---was afraid 10. tigers---tiger

1.share--to share (want to do sth.固定搭配)2.them--it (指代抄a chocolate cake, 用单数it)3.在find后加上it下班(百find后缺少度宾语,故加it,指代a chocolate cake)4.eats--ate (过去行为用过去式)5.other--others (others “别人”,可以单独

更正楼上答案如下,保证准确率!总共发现了十一处错误,估计有一处是楼主打错字了.Dear Sir, I'm writing to be one of the host (family改成families) for Chinese students. (Building改成Built) in a beautiful neighborhood our large house (meet改成

更正在括号处标出,总共十处错误! Each of us has a strong desire to succeed. The desire is (greater) than that of others. In fact, everyone wants to be successful, (but) very few are willing to pay the price of hard (work). Success is an attitude and

I was playing at my cousin(改为cousin's) house. Since his family was rich than mine, he had more toys than I did. There was one on(改为in) particular I'd always wanted. I put (加上it)into my pocket when he wasn't looking. I guessed, even at

小题1:第二句want后面加 to小题2:第三句them 改为it小题3:where 改为which/that 小题4:第五句other改为others小题5:第六句is改为was小题6:第七句making改为made小题7:第九句 on去掉小题8:loudly改为loud小题9:on改为in小题10:第十

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