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When are they gong out?他们时候出去When is your birthday?你的生日是什么时候When was he dong yesterday?他昨天在干什么When do you read book?你什么时候看书I was walking down the street,When I saw a accident当我在大街上走路的时候,我看见了一个事故.

I'd like to know when they'll let him out.我想知道他们什么时候放他.John got engaged to her when travelling last winter.去年冬天旅行时,约翰与她订了婚.Don't get excited when you talk.你说话时别激动.How

The students were talking when the teacher came in When the bell rang,I was watching TV He was shopping when the UFO landed They were talking when someone came in Lucy was cooking when her mother got home

1. 1.Annie was born a few weeks before Christmas. 安妮在圣诞节前几个礼拜出生.Before World War II, women were not recruited as intelligence officers. 二战前,女性不被征募为情报官.Stock prices have climbed close to the peak they'd

We were having supper when the phone rang. This time yesterday Jack was not watching TV. He was repairing his bike. Were you playing basketball at four yesterday afternoon? He fell asleep when he was reading I was wondering if you could give

when: 1.you don't know the situation when i was so scared. 2.call me when you recieve the application. 3.marion had achieved a lot when she was only 13 years old. 4.he called upon me when i was doing the housework. 5.remember to turn to me for

when we arrived, the train had left.they were having fun dancing when two men entered.while you are in beijing, come and visit my family.while the weather was bad, they went on working .he looked back as he went back home.

There was a time when he was dispointed and wanted to leave here.There was a time when children hated to go to school.There was a time when I did every badly in my studies There was a time when China is the strongest There was a time when the world don't know what was called Japan 请采纳!

when i was a boy

When do you begin your classes? 你们什么时间开始上课? When do I start work? 我什么时候开始工作? When can you come? 你什么时候能来? When do you go to bed? 你什么时候上床睡觉? When does he go to school? 他什么时候去学校? When did my mother come? 我妈妈是什么时候来的? When can you come here? 你什么时候来这里? 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!请记得采纳,谢谢!(*^__^*)

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