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以my homE写一篇作文

Welcome to my home!This way please!Look!There is a big and beautiful room in my home.That's my room.there is a football under the chair,a baskerball on the bed.My things are over where!I don't like clean my room!I have a pet cat,look,she is in my

my dream home. i am a simply person and do not like crowded places . so, i wish to have a home at the country site. the air is fresh and clean . every morning, one can hear the birds singing. beside my home, i intend to have a small farm, where i

1. 用一般将来时写计划 summer vacation is coming. i am going to relax myself. i am going to visit my grandparents and stay with them for about a week. i am going to help them with the housework. of course, i am going to visit my old friends and play

1)My home I have a small room of my own. The room is decorated with a lot of posters of teen idols. In front of the window there is a desk and a chair. I spend a lot of time in there on learning. I have a bookshelf in the corner. It's getting heavier month

hello! welcome to china. probally, most of you have known something about our country.but still i "ll make further introduction about her. as you know china has a history of five thousand years. so comes out it a lot of hitoric relics. beijin used to be the

Hi! My good friend! Look at my beauitful home.It's nice and clean.What's my home like?It's not very big.But it is very great.There is a big sofa in the livingroom.It's orange ang red.There is a desk in front of the sofa.On the desk.There are some

My Home Most people has a sweet home,so have I.I think my home is sweet because it is my best place to have rest or have fun with my friends or my parents. In my home, I love my bedroom, it's big and bright. In it, you can see a bed and a table.

My parents are very strict.Because I have so many family rules.For example,i can't go out with my friends at school nights.On weekends, i have to go home before nine p.m. It's strict, but i think it's necessary.And i must finish my homework in time. I

This is my home. There is a small garden in the center of the yard. And there are many beautiful flowers in the garden. But there aren't any trees. At the back of the yard, there is a nice house. There are three bedrooms , a large living room and a study

I have a lovely bedroom. there is a bed in my bedroom. there is a desk near my bed. there is a pink doll on my bed.I sleep with it every night. there is a big window in my bedroom. the yellow lamp is on my desk .Every evening, I do my homework

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