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1 which is used to produce paper2 where the French king and the queen to live in3 who come from different countries4 where there are many high mountains to ski5 turned

1.The house where I lived when I was young was pulled down.2.The dictionary he lent to me is missing.3.He collects all kinds of tree roots,which is quite different from others.

She is not the girl who was five years ago 2 This is the house that they hold meeting 3 Have you seen a dictionary whose cover is bule 4 I still remember the day that the first time I come to Beijing

Tom won the match, both of whom are working in the same companyDo you know the girl who is sitting ?Everyone attended the meeting that was held last week.The bridge

答1.The grammar knowledge which we already studied concerned by composing attributive clause 2.There are several foreign teachers at our school, who come from different countries and are able to speak simple English.3.I like studying English,

1. I have never been to Dalian, which is said to be a very charming city.2. The car ran into a group of middle school students, two of whom were sent to hospital at once.3. The

As we all know, China has 9.6 million square kilometers of land, is the third largest country in the world.There was a time of China's economic backwardness in many countries around the world.

This is the place where we met the first time.

1:What a interesting movie . 2 Your idea sounds very good . 亲,如果觉得对你有帮助,请点击好评哦~~谢谢啦!

1.刚才回答问题的女孩是韦华 the girl who answered the question just now is weihua. 2.用铅笔写的信读起来很费劲 the letter which is written with pencil is hard to read. 3.我认识一个同学,他爸爸是宇航员 i know a classmate whose father is an astronaut. 4.昨天我买的书在哪? where is the book that i bought yesterday?

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