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犀利哥有 brother sharp之说,英语哥 brother Eglish 可以暂时引用


Brother, I went to get the money. 哥,我去取钱

1、《she》、《God is A girl》,歌手是Groove Coverage,她的这两首也是很好听的,英文单词都是很常见的,所以很好学的,适合女孩子唱。 2、Lenka的《Trouble Is A Friend》,这首歌旋律简单轻柔好唱,而且好像过了几年都不过时。 3、西域男孩...

应是every night吧。

成熟的人 mature man 成功的人 successful person 有成就的人 accomplished people 不凡的人 extraordinary people

就说He sings both emotionally and professionally. He sings with his body and heart.就明白了~~


Ten little Indian boys One little, two little, three little Indians , four little, five little, six little Indians, seven little, eight little,nine little Indians,ten little Indian boys . Ten little, nine little,eight little In...

Tell me why Declan Galbraith (迪克兰·高尔布雷丝) 英格兰人 这首歌是他10岁时唱的 歌词大概:In my dream, children sing a song of love for every boy and girl . The sky is blue and fields are green and laughter is the language of th...

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