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他是一个警察=He is a policeman.

口语可以说:He is a cop. 如果是正式场合或者写作时要说:He is a policeofficer. (不要说policeman.在涉及policeman、chairman这类词的时候,要注意男女平等问题~~= =,外国人很重视这个)

my uncle is a male policeman and he is brave.我叔叔是一个男警察而且他很勇敢

in fact he is a plice

他是一个警察,他工作在公安局He is a policeman. He works in the Public Security Bureau.

What does that man? He is a police officer.

你好!也许他是一个警察Maybe he is a policeman

他是一名警察,但是我不是.He is a policeman, but I am not

What's he?(what's his job?)He is a policeman

the police 词典结果 cop police finest

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